Mute-X Marketing Strategy

Mute-X is a soundproofing membrane, that is used in building applications to reduce sound travel through walls. 

I was tasked with the challenge to improve online sales. The results of the marketing strategy over a six month period was a 10x increase in media impressions, average time spent on the website tripled, and sales doubled.

A brand / user assessment was done, using surveys, customer and employee interviews, google analytics, web traffic and keyword research. The results showed that people hesitant to trust the brand claims and how well the product worked. We also were able to categorize are customer base into two persona's with specific defined pain points. 

All marketing materials and customer touch points where updated. 
- All graphic elements were updated from the logo, tweaked brand colors, new iconography, product photo's etc. 
- All website and inbound marketing copy was updated. 
- A blog, product science, installation, and testimonial sections where added to the website
- A video testing Mute-X was produced
- Social media outlets were established and monitored
- Utilized Amazon ads and customer feedback tools
- Established relationships with affiliate marketing partners
We pushed toward using engaging imagery where possible.
Illustrations were create to convey the science behind Mute-X
One Page product highlights data and product unique benefits
The goal of the video was to demonstrate Mute-X performance while being authentic about the process
We were able to create an affiliate partnership with "Our Little Warehome".
LIFETILE was an experimental product that we started developing based on user feedback from our marketing studies. Its was an aesthetically pleasing peel and stick noise reduction solution for diy homeowners. 

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